Mizou Vavoom in 2011

Mizou Vavoom chillaxing in her roman domus
2011 and I have spend more time again in Second Life, meeting new friends, talking to old friends and planning to help with the CDS rebuilding of certain dated structures.
I took a long break from Second Life, about 3 years.
I have a self-built residence on Locus Amoenus right beside a lake and at the foot of the Monastery mountains, close to the beach and the Greek quarters of the sim Locus Amoenus.
Carpe Diem Design - Roman domus built by Mizou Vavoom in 2008
I still am part of the CDS or confederation of Democratic Simulators. Recently Rosie Gray on of our RA members and an excellent builder created a gothic church from real life photos and this is the result, a beautiful church with a typical European spire replacing the older much loved but dated Neufreistadt kirche. The inside of the church is very peaceful and has light flooding in through the leaded glass windows. You can climb the stairs up to the very top of the tower and admire a panoramic view of Neufreistadt.
Neufreistadt new Kirche 2011 by Rosie Gray

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  1. Rahul Gandhi says:

    Ya, it’s about perception.
    Rahul Gandhi

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