I have 2 lives: twice the responsibility then again for my pleasure i have twice as many friends and most of all, it gives me the opportunity to speak the 3 languages I am fluent in, French, Dutch and English and that in the course of anyone day.
So, where is this Second Life®? And where is my first one?

Picture of first life Mizou… (April 2007 taken by my long-time cameraman friend while having a cup of strong coffee in their garden)


My first one is in a village between the mountains and the Irish sea and my second one is also in a village between the mountains and the sea. So, you ask yourself if I have enough money to have 2 houses? Not so, one is in the everyday world of reality the other one is on a virtual plane on a server pr a simulator or sim.

The name of my real residence is my business 🙂 and the name my virtual residence is ‘Cosy Island’ in Second Life®. I absolutely love both places for their natural surroundings and tasteful buildings and dwellings.

Picture of Second Life® Mizou, taken May 2007


Cosy Island is nearly one year old and it comprises 4 sims, ‘Cosy Home’, ‘Cosy Cove’, ‘Cosy Shire’ & ‘Cosy Kays’ but it looks like one island with a village and a few shops in the middle and of course a pub and dance hall near the beach.

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  1. janesimon says:


    Please let me introduce myself. My name is Jane Simon, and I am a lawyer based in Chicago who suffers from severe Miami envy. I am launching a new business under the name of LawWriter. My new business will service lawyers across the country. I will perform legal writing and legal research services for these lawyers. Since my specialty is federal law, I am going to feature a different federal courthouse on my website each month. Your design is spectacular, and I would be so honored to have your design of the new Miami federal courthouse be the inaugural picture on my website. I will gladly provide a link to your website so that you gain notoriety. Is that ok with you?

    Jane Simon

    1. mizou says:

      Hi Jane,
      Thank you very much for your message. I apologise for the late reply, as I have not done much work recently for this website or for Second Life where this building ‘existed’.
      Unfortunately all I have left of that building are a few shots and good memories of building it virtually.
      I feel very honoured that you find my design spectacular as did the lawyer practices who had their virtual offices on the many floors of the virtual Miami federal courthouse.
      Let me know if I can still be of assistance and in the mean time I am sending you a link to samples of my work as a virtual designer and as a web design tutor
      The funny thing is that I actually was in Chicago for the first time (and in the US) when you wrote this email!

      Mizou (Martine in real life)

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