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Carpe diem Design Logo
Carpe diem Design Logo

I design custom mesh buildings under the brand ‘Carpe Diem Design’, I aim to give you the best possible ‘homely’ experience in Second Life.

Contact me today about how I can help your project become reality using the form below.

  • Designing a small house which includes a ground floor, first floor and connected by a stairwell typically takes about 10 to 20 real life working hours.
  • I create textures for these houses including the diffuse, normal and specular maps to bring your buildings to life with SL ‘Advanced Lighting’.
  • I add light to the buildings (inside and outside) if required with the option to turn the light on manually or it can come on automatically at night.
  • My buildings are low land impact and high LOD, which means that the mesh is imported with optimal settings to ensure that it doesn’t eat all your available land prims and the building can be viewed from afar without distortion.


  • The prices are based on the amount of time a mesh might take to be created and because each project is different prices can fluctuate depending on amount of meshes and complexity.
  • Basic mesh building (house, apartment, shop, coffee house, skybox, office …etc) ground + upper floor + walkable stairwell + textured for advanced lighting is
    • For 10 hours of work, the price is USD 30
    • as you can see my prices are very low – but the quality of the builds are very high.
  • I ask for 50% of the cost up front to finance the mesh and texture uploads. Paid inworld into my avatar.
  • All meshes come with Copy and Mod permissions inside a Rez free box.
  • If requested you can get a separate box containing all of the textures used for your build with copy/ modify permissions.

Contact Me

Inworld: Mizou Vavoom

I look forward to hearing from you about how I can help you get what you want.

How it works …

  • Upon receiving your request via the form, I will contact you by email and send you a few questions for clarification, for example the space available for the building, the Li available, style, colour scheme etc.
  • When I receive your answer I will have a better idea of what you are looking for and will let you know approximately how much it will cost, when I can start creating the building and how long it will take.
  • If you then agree to have it build and after receiving 50% of the total price, I will create one or more drawings of how the finished building will look like and send it to you by email. Any changes to the design are discussed at this stage and if the changes are considerable I will redraw the design and send it to you for approval.
  • Upon approval I will start to create the build and give you the landmark, so you can see the progress.
  • When the build is completed, I will ask you to review it for minor changes.
  • Upon approval of the final build and payment of the remaining 50% of the total price, I will drop the rezbox with the build into your inventory.
  • If you need assistance with rezzing the build, let me know.

Looking forward to hear from you.
Mizou Vavoom