Building & socialising a la Mizou…with feeling.

The other day as got my first ever landscaping and ‘land’ re-organising job did I totally become aware of how I landscape and build to the extent that I can put it into words quite clearly and also its connection to skills developed in daily rl life. These skills developed in daily life are actually quite mundane ones; any activity that needs organisational skills, whether it is sorting out washing in colours, washing, hanging up, folding and putting away in presses, the sequence of these actions have embedded a routine method in organising, which then are transposed in SL.
Another example is to sort out a room after it has been used, rearranging all its contents in order for this room to be used for human activity and comfort.
This a skill which I had time to develop over the years while cleaning to earn money for my young & growing family; that was Ireland in the 80 ies and 90 ies before the Celtic tiger took us by surprise.

Land…a living entity

First of all a piece of land has a shape, has a soul, and like a piece of wood or marble to a sculptor it has a desire to be seen as an entity with a personality. If this exposure of my building in Second Life seems strange to you and you have culinary skills, consider the following: when you look into the fridge and you see what you have on hand, it sparks off the cook in you, and you start creating in your mind a deliciously cooked meal.
Such is the process of my mind when I see a bare piece of land, as it begs to have its real contours carved out and spaces for houses allocated.
So, I build with feeling and with my senses wide open and the result is that the inspiration comes in waves and streams out, much like a communion, I merely interpret what it tells me it wants to be.
As I listen to the land, I carve out, its contours, rivers, cascades, rocks, hills, and set up buildings where it feels natural to have them.

Meeting other souls in our creations.

Being part of those landscapes and living spaces, walking around in them, meeting people there, working, talking, resting, creating, must do something to out human consciousness as we project our creations onto a screen and allow others to walk and interact with those creations, we receive them into our deepest self and we in turn in their deepeset recesses.
In this environment we meet our Second Life friends on a totally different level then in real life, as physical barriers have melted and we live in our own digital imagining and present that world to others, the social interactions are of a different kind.
We have in Second Life the potential to move very close and very quickly to others, we have a tool which enables us to ‘sense’ their presence, to sense their connection to themselves and to us.


Van, my long time SL friend and fellow artist, coming for a chat in my secret cave house; the animation is very good and shows our avatar in a dreamy mood; you can come around and try it out provided i am not online as I insist on my privacy then.
You can see if I am online, the cone beside the cavern will show my online or offline status.
Seated at the table is also Delia, dropping in for a visit to my cosy home.
bobby_stevenson.jpg Bobby pictured to the left is one of my new tenants, a lovely man with a heart of gold.
When we first come to Second Life it can be very overwhelming as our interactions with other avatars is enhanced and multiplied.
The usual disconnections between people falls away and anybody can potentially approach us and us them. We relate to people of all ages and nationalities, whom we would not have met in real life, even if we met them in the streets.
Here life has been stripped of its barriers and a renewed global awareness and interaction is healing many of our inner wounds.
Wounds we all have and carry in silence; this silence which can totally alienate us from other human beings.
Second Life to me is a home from home, where people are welcome to talk and interact and be most of all ‘themselves’.
If you happen to drop in on my land and I am there & not busy building, feel free to contact me.
I have a few bottles of SL wine and green tea. 🙂
reilan_shir_nov06.jpgReilan, a long time french friend in SL, he was the animator of the famous french ‘Wildstyle Club’ on french sim ‘area51’.
This sim and a few others belong to frenchman, Kerunix.

Some of my long time french friends at my secret cave on Cosy Shir, Reilan is sprawled out on the couch, Laurine Brown is a clothes designer and also reporter with the, the french SL News Blog, Louange Matthijs, also a clothes designer is resting on the couch.
I have been wearing one of Laurine’s latest creations, a pair of jeans with a zunil belt and designs.

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