Building a Fachwerk House for Neufreistadt

Earlier this year (2017) a new CDS resident asked me to design a Fachwerk house that spanned two plots in the city of Neufreistadt.
I came up with a design first and submitted it for approval.
(add image plan)

Using existing building parts …

Using a few existing parts of the Fachwerk shop, I started to create the plan of the building. There was a difficulty with the differences in ground levels. The house was on a slope but the customer wanted the ground level to be all on the same level.
I included the path on a slope as well so that it integrated nicely with the existing ground level.
AS always, I like my houses to be cosy and inviting people to live in it and from the start I add a kitchen, complete with sink, table, chairs, stove and continue building around these.

Here is the finished Fachwerk house outside and inside: