The House that Sudane Built

Sudane’s Rebuilding of a ‘Colonia Nova’ House

While Mizou was building on her platform, Sudane was doing the same on hers, rebuilding the west corner of Colonia Nova, or what she called Dantons house, as it is rented by one of our citizens, Danton Sideways.

The space is very pleasing and for a build that was mostly a box with no defined living area’s, it is now an enviable multi-level apartment with many windows, a balcony and a long attic type of room with a lot of character and a view from the balcony onto the little street.

It is certainly a radical improvement to the previous build. We have come a long way in Second Life to expect more of our living spaces.
I have been a long term fan of Sudane’s builds, ever since I visited her for the first time in her tower on the, now defunct, Cosy Cove sim, a place which has many connections with the then Neualtenburg city.
Much has been written about the new Rathaus, a lot of praise given,so I would like to move the praise to Sudane’s silent but real improvements to our digital homestead.

Here are a few photos to illustrate her very recent ‘CN 1’ rebuild.

It would be a good move to advertise these new spaces on SL spaces and attract the right kind of new resident to the CDS.