Rathaus – Neualtenburg Coat of Arms

History of the Neualtenburg Coat of Arms

Moon Adamant the creative director of Beta Technologies and CDS guild member created the original ‘Neualtenburg – Coat of Arms’ in 2005.

Original Neualtenburg Coat of Arms created by Moon Adamant in 2005
Original Neualtenburg Coat of Arms created by Moon Adamant in 2005

Excerpt from: Second Life Wikia about the Rathaus – One of the walls features the coat-of-arms for the City of Neufreistadt (designed by Moon Adamant as part of her admission test to the Guild in 2005) — a golden chicken (not an eagle!) in the centre, a crown on top of it, and the mysterious Latin inscription ab ovo beneath. Like any good coat-of-arms, it’s full of puns. The chicken, of course, was the old sign for Neufreistadt, deliberately chosen because it’s a ridiculous animal to have as an official mascot — an eagle would be more appropriate — but also to boldly claim that CDS citizens are not afraid of engaging in democracy and self-government (“we’re not chickens”). The golden colour points to “yellow”, or being a coward. The crown is an irony — the Confederation of Democratic Simulators is a representative democracy and has no Head of State, much less a “crowned” monarch. “Ab ovo” is a triple pun. It means “from the Egg”, since Neufreistadt was the “egg” from which democracy in Second Life was born. Of course it also plays on the “chicken-and-egg” problem. But it is also a subtle reference to Eggy Lippmann, who in the early stages of Neufreistadt, being both a good friend to Ulrika Zugzwang and Kendra Bancroft, helped out with some initial scripting

The Neualtenburg Coat of Arms – Original 2005 version

The image is 512 x 512 which was the highest possible image size to upload to SL in 2005 and it is beautifully done. If CDS is to continue to use this image for the Rathaus, as was suggested by Tan, it could do with redrawing the image in Adobe Illustrator as vectors and then scale it to double it’s size 1024 x 1024, then save it in various sizes as PNG.
I asked my graphics students if any of them wanted to practise their drawing vectors skills during the class and one student, who goes by the name of CreativeIndigo, was interested because of her connection with Germany and her visit of Rothenburg a few years back. She loved the city with its narrow streets going up and down and the atmosphere; she said you could imagine to be in former times except that you are wearing 21st century clothes.

Neualtenburg Coat of Arms - detail image
Neualtenburg Coat of Arms – detail raster image showing pixelation


The Neualtenburg Coat of Arms – 2017 version

Neualtenburg shield 2017
Neualtenburg shield 2017

CreativeIndigo was curious enough to do some research on Heraldry for this project. She checked out the various types of shields used in a coat of arms. The quadrant divisional field of the Neualtenburg shield includes the cross (known as a ‘party per cross’). In bygone days, bold rectilinear shapes were painted on shields. This identification simplified far distance recognition. The geometric symbol for the sword or ‘sword of light’ as CreativeIndigo likes to refer to it as, is known as a ‘charge’ in heraldry terminology. CreativeIndigo made a decision to use only colours that were ‘web safe RGB’. These were Black, Red, Yellow, White and an old Gold. The text banner was Cream and used a Shade Colour to add depth.

Adobe Illustrator to create vectors

She spent a good few hours in Adobe Illustrator retracing all the lines exactly as they are.

Neualtenburg coat of Arms redrawn in Adobe Illustrator
Neualtenburg coat of Arms redrawn in Adobe Illustrator

The screenshot of the work in progress shows the different graphic layers, each detail was lovingly redrawn over the original and coloured in the same basic colours.

There was some discrepancy between the left and right part of the design and to remedy that she created the left part and copied its reflection onto the right side of the coat of arms.

Dropbox Link for the new version of Neualtenburg Coat of Arms

This recreated version of the Neualtenburg coat of arms is now available in following versions: AI, SVG, PDF, EPS, PNG (1024 x 1024), JPG (1024 x 1024) via the this Dropbox link.

Neualtenburg shield old and new comparaison
Neualtenburg shield new (left) and old (right) comparaison