Rathaus – Windows


Completed Window + Surround: 1 Li

Rathaus window
Rathaus window

The final windows with stone surround are 1 Li each and give a nice definition to the front walls of the Rathaus. They are fairly easy to put together with no prim cutting except for the top part of the stone which is a half box with a slant,  all the other prims are box prim stretched to size.

Window Details

The detail of the window frame is just a few boxes elongated to size to represent the window sash (up and across parts) and glass. This window is quite stylised and simple. The different colours are guidelines(faces) for texturing after the mesh is completed and uploaded.

You can see that some of the textures are set to 100 transparent so they don’t count when the mesh script is counting the faces, which results in an all over lower Li.

Pre Mesh Window

Window before uploading to Mesh Studio via the script – 8 Li when saved as a convex hull.

Rathaus Window completed before mesh
Rathaus Window completed before mesh

Mesh Window

The window and surrounds are saved as ‘convex hull’ which brings the Li from … to …
Then I meshed it with ‘Mesh Studio’ and the Li is down to only 1.

Rathaus window meshed
Rathaus window meshed

Texturing the Window

Textures for used for the stone are my own ones which I created for Arpar Del Pip, Italian farm created for Pip. This reminds me to add a blog post about this assest built last summer.
The tree different types of texture for the stone have been added: diffuse made from an image from an online library at TextureLib.com, then the normal map and specular were made in GIMP 2.8 using the normal map plugin.

Wood texture

The wood texture used for the window frame is in our SL library under ‘Wood – Oak Stained.tga’ and applied as ‘Planar’.

Rathaus - window - texuring wood with SL library texture
Rathaus – window – texturing wood with SL library texture

Glass texture

The glass texture is actually water texture, also found in our SL texture library and applied as Planar.

Rathaus windows - texturing the glass - Using SL Library texture
Rathaus windows – texturing the glass – Using SL Library texture


  1. These posts are so interesting to me! I doubt I would ever have thought of using a water texture to make glass.

    1. mizou says:

      Thanks Sylvia, the water texture is used stretched over the prim. I got inspiration from other builders, I don’t think that this trick was my own invention.

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