Rathaus: Arches Ground Floor

Arches, Windows, Columns

The Rathaus design for the ground floor front shows a series of 5 arches with windows in each arch. In RL there is a walk-able space between the arch and the window but since we haven’t got that much space for this building I have combined the arch and the wall where the window is into one unit. The GIF below shows the completed arches, windows, columns  with three spotlights in the corners.

Building the arch

The actual arch is a box prim with a hole and cut in half – click on the image for details of the prim cut.

Rathaus Arches Prim Cut Detail
Rathaus Arches Prim Cut Detail

The rest of the wall are just straight pieces aligned together – click on image to see details -the wall is double and on the inside of the building it is just one piece.
When all the wall prims are put together I generate the mesh for it with a ‘mesh generating script’ available from ‘Mesh Studio’.
The script creates a DAE file from the prims which is imported into SL as a mesh. The goal is to create mesh assets with lower land impact.

Rathaus - Front wall ground floor by night
Rathaus – Front wall ground floor by night