Rathaus: Creating the Columns

Checking the Detailed Drawing of the Columns & Arches

The next detail of the Rathaus are the columns first then the arches. I went back to the drawing and looked at the columns for the ground floor which are half columns and look very sturdy. For those of you who want to copy this column as it is, I will add a detailed description of each of the 5 prims that make up the final product.

Rathaus columns – v.3: -meshed and textured (1 marble texture with diffuse, normal and specular created in GIMP 2.8) – seen with a spotlight shining onto the left column and in the evening light on Locus Amoenus.
Rathaus Half Column - Second version
Rathaus Half Column – Second version

I tried as much as possible to emulate my sketch for the size and look of the columns

The first version of the column was far too thin and dainty and didn’t look right against the background which is the supporting wall for the arch.

After much manipulation it now looks more like it fits into the design. This shows how important an initial sketch is when creating anything, be it knitting patterns or creating 3D assests.

Creating a sketch first focuses your mind on how each detail is proportioned to each other detail and you are less likely to get confused or frustrated while building.

Rathaus Column – Completed Convex Hull

The next three images show the details of the finished half column: front, side and back view. Click on the images to see the details. It is saved as a ‘convex hull’ and thus the Land Impact goes down from 5 to 3 Li.
The back of the column is transparent, this reduces the amount of faces; more about that later.

Rathaus Half column – Which Prims?

The five prims that make up the half colum are the following: box, half sphere, half sphere, cylinder, half cut box.
I could have added another half sphere right under the top for factuality to the Tuscan order but it would have added another prim and thus more Li. We are trying to avoid an overly complex building with too many prims, so simplified is the trend for this 3D asset.
The column emulates the classical ‘Tuscan’ order which is a simplified ‘Doric order’. More information about Tuscan order columns, read more …

  1. Base: box
  2. Decoration base 1: half sphere
  3. Decoration base 2: half sphere
  4. Pillar : cylinder
  5. Top: half cut box

The next image gallery shows the details for each of the column parts. If you want to copy these shapes you just need to make sure to align them properly in their centre. At some stage in the future I will write a post about texturing this column.

Rathaus Half column revisited – v.3

On the way back home while the bus was crawling through the traffic in Dublin city I had time to look at the windows of Trinity college Dublin and saw where I went wrong with the windows and columns. So I changed the top of the column to be more compliant with the Tuscan column style.
How I changed the windows is for later in another post.
See the different columns versions – from right to left: original column (3Li), new version column (7Li) with added script for meshing, new version column meshed & uploaded to SL (2Li), new version column mesh and textured with one single seamless marble texture but with different background colours added.
There are in total 6 column for the Rathaus so total land impact for the columns will be 6 x 2=12 – which is acceptable.

Rathaus half columns iterations
Rathaus half columns iterations