New Rathaus Project

CDS Guild Meeting Approval

Yesterday we had a CDS Guild Meeting in the NFS Guild building.

CDS Guild Meeting Feb 25, 2017

Various projects were approved for building, Sudane will look after rebuilding two Colonia Nova builds, and my proposal to rebuild the Rathaus on the Platz in Neufreistadt was accepted by all.

Artisan Master

I was finally made ‘Artisan’ having submitted my three builds last summer and ‘Artisan Master’ on the strength of creating the much admired new Thermae last year in April 2016.
Needless to say that I feel very proud!

Blogging about rebuilding  the Rathaus

I am planning to blog at each step of rebuilding the Rathaus for my own documentation of the various steps taken but also for Sylvia Northman, the new CDS Guild Apprentice who is keen to learn the art of building.

Rathaus – First Step: Back to the drawing board

The current CDS Rathaus as created by Kendra Bancroft – see more information on the Wiki

Rathaus in CDS, Neufreistadt, created by Kendra Bancroft

These two pictures of the RL Rothenburg Rathaus will be used as a starting point for the first drawing of the CDS Rathaus.

Shape / space available

I took the measurements of the existing Rathaus building in CDS-Neufreistadt by placing beams for the length, width and height of the building.
Sudane asked me if I had space to work and I do since the Rathaus is not very big. The next image shows the white space that will be taken up by the building.

Space available for the new Rathaus in Neufreistadt

The image shows my avatar against the space available.
I am wondering if I should have 1 or 2 floors; two look much better for the overall proportions but then I don’t want to go over 80 Land Impact if possible.


This morning I was up early and had the Rathaus design in my mind, so got up and went to the kitchen with oPad Pro and Apple pencil and started to draw the new CDS Rathaus design in the iOS application ’53’.

New Rathaus for CDS proposal from Mizou Vavoom - 2017
New Rathaus for CDS proposal from Mizou Vavoom – 2017

Working out the spaces

Well, once I drew out the sketch there was no stopping me, I wanted to see how the spaces were working out for the columns, windows and also to see if having a ground floor and two floors was the right move. I took a photo of the work so far.

Working out the spaces for the floors and columns

And a bit later ….

Working out the spaces – part 2

Creating the windows and stone surrounds

Much later after making soup for a simple dinner tonight….
I created the window and surround earlier but was not happy with the shape of the top of the surround. I created one of the sloped stone shapes and this was the final prim cut of a 0.50 x 0.50 x 0.50 box prim:
Path cut – B: 0.3750 – E: 0.8750
Taper x: 0.5 – Y: 0.3

Rathaus window top bevelled ledge

but when I extended it did some weird distortions to the shaped ends so it took me some time to get the shape right.
The window with surround in its pre-mesh state was 7 Li or Land Impact, the window with surround in its mesh state is 1 Li, 4 windows are just about 5 Li, so the total Li for all the first and second floor windows will be 10 Li. Sounds just perfect!