Creating Vectors

RL Teaching – Flat Vectors

This is not a post about Second Life building but about my RL teaching graphics and more precisely flat vector graphics depicting buildings, which can be used in various applications and for various projects.

I started two modules in January with my students, web authoring and computer graphics and one of the lessons in creating vectors is about tracing photos of buildings as vectors. We used some of our own photos and some of houses and buildings online from Dublin. Somehow creating these flat vectors reminded me of creating textures for Second Life buildings.

Georgian house photo Dublin, Ireland
Georgian house photo Dublin, Ireland
Creating a flat vector Georgian house from Dublin, Ireland
Creating a flat vector Georgian house from Dublin, Ireland

It’s all about Layers!

The first and most important task when creating any kind of graphic from scratch is to create the layers or folders for the sub-layers.
I explained to my students that each part of the house got its own named layer starting from the actual image layer, then the outside wall, windows, door, door surround, dormer window, steps, fence left and fence right, etc.
A lot of headache can be avoided when working systematically with named and locked layers. I am glad that they followed the advice and also saw the need for these locked when not in use layers and only unloced when in use.

Vector file - layers
Vector file – layers