Mizou Vavoom in 2015 – New PC

Yes, it was about time to get a new PC for gaming. I had to leave Second Life for a number of years as my laptop was inadequate to reproduce the graphics in SL.
My eldest son proposed to build a new PC for me around a good graphics card for the kind of work that SL requires. I decided to buy the parts one at time just before Christmas 2014, and I had most of the parts by last Friday the 10th of April.
Tadeusz came around to build the basic parts: the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler (huge one), RAM, electrical unit, SDD drive.
Then there was a problem with installing the chosen OS, the beta Windows 10 version, the DVD drive was the wrong one and Windows 10 is not compatible with Second Life. Just as well I had read about that in time!
So last week Tadeusz bought a Windows 8.1 key and downloaded the software from Microsoft site onto a disk. My new DVD drive came on the Friday I think. Saturday was the birth of Zephyr-X, my new gaming PC with an NVDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics card.

Trying out my Zephyr-X

So Tadeusz installed some of the programs that I needed including Second Life and I entered a totally new world experience, it is just amazing compared to the grey textures I saw before not to mention not being able to walk around easily!
I spend hours in SL on Saturday and didn’t really want to go to bed! I walked around all the familiar places and saw them all with new eyes, took at least 50 photos and then started to look for inspiration for my SL garden, did some planting and got inspired for the Tuscan cottage that I would build.

Building in SL

27/04/2015 23:06 – Screen Clipping
SL building Tuscan cottage – basic structure of build – windows, walls, added brick wall from cgtextures.com, made it seamless in GIMP, then created a normal map and added it.
It does make a difference to the look of the texture and the light does play with the wall too.
Making progress quickly now with new Zephyr-X, he is the best!
27/04/2015 23:32 – Screen Clipping
Creating the space for my home, using the fireplace I built in 2006. Fire textures are my own made in the same year after taking pictures of my RL fire burning peat and logs. The stone texture was made from a photo taken in my town, Greystones.
Love the shadows playing in SL! What I have missed seeing the reality of it.

28/04/2015 00:01 – Screen Clipping
I am so impressed with the quality of the mesh kitchen that I bought yesterday (with PayPal money earned from my Etsy shop ‘MizouBJD’). See the texture for the floor is just a tile bought for $ 0 at http://www.cgtextures.com , made seamless in GIMP in a few clicks of the mouse, no heavy cloning needed in Adobe Photoshop!
The wall is another texture from the above shop, made seamless then created the normal map using the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jdo3ZmtPWk
There is another tutorial which I will watch later on, it is specific for SL, here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTjWW3FATwc
I am totally thrilled with my new PC, my son Tadeusz who choose the parts and built it deserves a medal!

28/04/2015 19:15 – Adding a new section to the cottage and some walls 

Tuscan cottage28.09.15

Looking for inspiration for the design of my cottage, walking around in the space to see if it feels right to live in it. I added the range, fridge, table and chair so that it feels homely while I built it.