Web Design Students & CMS

As part of the web design classes I introduced my students to ‘WordPress’ as a blog in vue of giving them an idea as to what lies ahead in the professional world of web design and the tools (WordPress as a CMS) to make their workflow easier and their professional work in tune with today standards of design, layout and navigation.
Allthough they liked the idea to start their own blog, publishing a slice of their life online seemed something quite daring and maybe frightening. To let the world know how you think and possibly how you feel probably needs a fair amount of self-confidence and dare.
In my understanding allowing themselves to get onto the online publishing train is a way to increase their confidence in their abilities as creative humans.


  1. johnkav says:

    ruddy ‘ard work, of course!

  2. mizou says:

    Six wives and 76 children? How did you manage that John?

  3. johnkav says:

    I cannot speak for others, but personally the matter of my six wives, 76 children, multiple offshore accounts and general bad attitude gives me reason to prefer a certain level of anonymity online. I feel that this might be the norm?

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