Project May/June 2007:

Portage Bay Ventures:

Boardwalk, boathouses & ‘Justice Center’ for Second Life in the sea.

Sibernicus, Malfelonius & Yeeowler are 3 sims at the east south tip of a big landmass in Second Life® purchased by Beathan Vale of the ‘Portage Bay Ventures’

The vision was the following: take 3 fresh new sims, add water, and a zigzagging boardwalk into the sea, a huge statue of Lady Justice and fill it with houseboats, a promenade, a pier and an enormous courthouse in the sea.



The real life building maquette of the Federal Courthouse in Miami.

‘Carpe Diem Design’ has been commissioned to build the various parts of this project:

  1. A shopping area along the coastal part of the boardwalk
  2. Various houseboats floating on the water around the boardwalks (3 have already been designed at this stage)
  3. An eight storey high courthouse sitting on pillars right behind the statue of ‘Lady Justice’

This is how it looks for the moment: platform partially build, teleporting area done with banisters and space for posters, logo done by nabil Ulich, my associate in ‘Carpe Diem Design’ (created last night, Friday, sometime near midnite, he was in his sitting room at his computer in North-Africa while I was here in Ireland in the Wicklow Mountains, we work together but have never met in real life…strange to some but true)


The following photos show the build with the logo in place…


08 June 2007 – 4 minutes past midnite in Ireland

Done some more planning today …but first a heartwarming picture taken from a distance looking at the burgeoning ‘Justice Center; a penthouse has been planned for this center, I have no problem imagining a roofgarden overlooking the bay, the boathouses and the boardwalk on a warm summer night when the sun is just declining in the west………..

The renewed plan is as follows:

The Justice Center will have a west and an east wing separated by a lobby area which will have a room on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th floor.

Each wing will house 4 courtrooms spanning over 2 floor heights so that the room height of the courtrooms will have ample space for avatars to navigate in.

08 June 2007

Today’s plan: finishing the window panels on either side of the ‘bow’ part of the building. As this building is shaped like a ship inside waves, it has walls with windows that suggest waves on either side of the bow of the ship. The windows themselves will be made from a coloured prim with high shininess so that it will reflect the surrounding light; from the inside the prim will be transparent but not from the outside.

The real life Federal Courthouse in Miami which serves as inspiration for this project; notice the ‘bow’ and the wave like design on the side walls & below these walls made in Second Life®

Working on the bow

This isn’t easy as it goes from wide at the bottom, the part which ploughs into the sea, to a narrower part which ends into a point at the top of the building.
I have devised a method to find the shape of this bow, the picture should explain it.

justice-center-bow-16-june-07_001.jpgvue-from-justice-offices_001.jpg The red lines which are prims have been put in place to define the shape of the bow.
Then the spaces between the main building and the bow shape will be filled with prims some of which are triangular and put in place with a VERTEX prim. this ingeninious tool fills a space between 3 vertex spheres; excellent for awkward shape.

It is free so anybody who wants one can im me in world and i drop one on their profile.

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