Carolyn’s Waterfall – February ’07

carolyns-waterfall_004.jpgJust looking at my’s in a bad state, I haven’t written anything since November last year, but I have an excuse as my building skills have been in very high demand and I really have lost track of what i have build.

My very last creation delivered 2 days ago is one of my favourites, it is a free standing waterfall with a pool for a client whose name is Carolyn.


One can add swim prim water available from Siggy Romulus to my waterfall and happily swim in the pool and the cascade.

The water is my own seemless texture with sound and movement , so is the spray and the wet pebbles at the bottom of the pool. All these textures will be available in TRU TEXTURES shop on ‘English Rose’ sim (add slurl) by the 14 th of February 07.

The scripted spray itself will be available in my Cosy Mall at the entrance on Cosy Cove.(add slurl)


I sell no copy of any of my custom orders so if you like to buy a copyable standing waterfall from me I will build it from basics to suit your land.

Anyhow to give you an idea of my waterfall building skills…have a look at the photos…