‘Cosy Shire’ the new ‘in’ place to live & relax.

Together with a few of the initial residents ofCosy Home & Cosy Cove we have retreated to the our new homeland on Cosy Shire, led by Melina Loonie our Chief, Angel Sunset, Geoff Steinbeck, myself and Syl Normandy & Kalle Click have chosen our home plots on Cosy Shire. As our resident muse & real life artist put it, ‘Cosy Shire’ is the new ‘in‘ place to be, the ‘posh side of Cosy Island’. Our artist Vanettda lives in a grotto under the water in Cosy Island Harbour; when u sail or swim over his house, a friendly alert message pops up on your screen. Can you find the entrance to his underwater grotto?

We also have fairly new residents on Cosy Shire, our resident biologist (?) who specialises in natural plant habitat (add sim name) and who is also a keen sailor, has taken up residence near Cosy Shires caves. My new distinguished neighbour goes by the name of Delia Lake and to me it brings up scents of homeliness and peace. The name ‘Delia’ is forever associated in my consciousness with ‘breadmaking’ and home sweet home. Delia Lake has started to grow a vegetable garden on her new land.

Delia building on her Cosy Shire land to left of picture and Geoff & Tully to the right.

Of course Geoffrey Steinbeck or Jefke as I call him is my nexdoor neighbour on Cosy Shire; I choose a plot beside his within earshot of Mel’s spooky caves on the extreme south-east of our Cosy Island.

Across from my cavern caves and waterfall another new resident to Cosy Island has taken residence in an English country manor.

Jeremy is an artist who has designed the textures and shape of his castle and hopes to sell it to newbies, so he is aiming for low prim and elegance. His castle totally fits the area and is now an indelible part of the landscape around the delta of the Shire caves river.

By the way Melina, can we name the different water channels? Vote for names at an official ceremony? Just an idea :)…………….
Looky, a new resident to cosy has bought the land to the North of the caves and when i sailed by earlier, testing the waters and winds, i saw a circular build and a platform.


I love watching people build their home or see what they have chosen to buy given the theme of Cosy Shire which is ‘organic houses or dwellings’.

Beside Looky’s land, there is a wooden structure on stilts, Syl & Kalle’s retreat.

Well done Syl, it looks real natural in its surroundings even the raven flying aroound makes us wonder how long ago that place has been build.

Here a few pictures of Kalle & Syls’ retreat:


This house is at the border of 2 sims, Cosyshire & Cosy Home. the picture to the left is looking due south in th edirection of Mel’s spooky caves and to be waterfall.

The second picture is looking towards Brigadoon, you can see the mist exuding from the building because true to the legend this village apperas in the sky eery 100 years or so.

Brigadoon is a Second Life game, more on SL games in another blog

The picture to the right shows 2 roofs: the hobbit type of house across from my own land and the treetrunk house. Directly opposite this retreat Mel has installed a medieval type of shooting range, again more on at a later date.
This brings us back to ‘Brigadoon’ itself on Cosy Home where Geoff build a ‘curly bridge’ as he called it to access that area from that bridge you walk onto another one and enter the ‘Churches of The Grail’ which i have visited on many occasions, as her creator , Sudane Erato is one of my very best sl friends; ‘The Churches of the Holy Grail were relocated from a different sim onto Cosy Home last spring time.
I need to re-explore the entire sim as the addition of Cosy Shire has totally changed and enhanced our surroundings….as a few remarked and it needs to be mentioned here too: Cosy Island is a paradise of peace and beauty!

If you want to be part of our Cosy Island residents and buy a plot we have a number of plots available on Cosy Shire. (im Melina Loonie)

If u want to rent a plot with house and all mod coms, im myself, Mizou Vavoom, or my rental agent, Pamela Princess for ‘Carpe Diem Rentals’ vacancies.
Angel Sunset has her ‘tree dwelling’ relocated on the coast of Shire just outside the harbour and diagonally opposite the lighthouse.
Our’dear lighthouse’ with its cafe, stands proudly as a reminder of the early days of ‘Cosy Home’ which was build way before i was born by Dianne Mechanique & Sky Honey, Pacifien & Myrrh Massiel.

I consider these ladies as my Second Life ancestors and mentors together with Ray Musketeer and his partner rudytuzsday Elliot of Felhzgut Design.
The following are a few photos from my new land. Designed over a week after real life work and also after Second Life work.

Mizou’s Secret Caves , waterfall & cavern. The view, the waterfall with the cavern.

First the cavern beside the waterfall has 3 secret entrances, if u are a newbie (under 3 months old in Second Life) and you have found the 3 entrances, you im me to let me know where they are and i will give you 100 L$; My cavern will record your name at the 3 entrances…no copycats! 🙂

The interior of the Secret caves which is now my private home with my brandnew red & beach dining room from a new creaotor Lola Nadir.

The backdrop wall with red curtains was made by Vanettda and gives a warm and friendly atmosphere to my home.


My friend Van helped me setting out the water for the waterfall also and then proceeded to make this abolutely gorgious viewpoint overlooking the waterfall. We had a well deserved cup of green tea by the waterfall after creating it.

The peace in this nature spot is palpable. He then took out a copy of the wrought iron seats and the umbrella table whichhe designed for the ‘Dancing Dolphin’ and we had the privelege to savour a vew peaceful moments.

On the photo Van is looking for the future into his tealeaves…

Pacifien Massiel, dropped in from the skies, complete with her new leather bag (what doess he keep in that bag of hers?) and we enjoyed once more her witty mind.

Your friendship is very alive in our hearts Pacifien!!

I am very fond of Pac, she showed extreme patience when i was just a baby back in January 2006 and explained to me the basics of prim building.



  1. Gail Hoyos says:

    I have enjoyed your blog. Please take a look at mine about gardening

  2. Viajero says:

    Hi Mizou, I just came upon your blog coincidentally and found your descriptions of a sime I’ve visited several times. I met Pamela a month ago, and just recently I talked with her about renting, or possibly owning land at one of the Cozy sims. I like them for all the many reasons you’ve described. It’s great to hear of your own development in SL, and I hope for something similar for myself as far as learning building and designing skills. I’ll be looking for a first house, something imaginative and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your SL journey.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hello, thanks for mentioning my castle! I got a visitor at random the other day just from someone reading about it on your blog. 🙂

  4. mizou says:

    Yes Mel, we will keep that peace & beauty and communal spirit alive!!

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