Cosy Island News: Mr.Cosy Home & Mrs. Cosy Cove…announce (baby) Cosy Shire

Earlier this month Melina Loonie our Cosy Island Chief brought home the newly baked sim, named ‘Cosy Shire’. At first it was flat and green and perfectly square.

Map of Cosy Islands : top left:Cosy Home, top right: Cosy Cove;

Bottom right: Cosy Shire, which is still under construction.

Now it boasts a spinetingling cave with secret entrances, and echo producing inner chambers.

As our 3 sims have a fair amount of water for sailing purpose and we want to continue in that tradition started by Myrrh & Pacifien Massiel, I was asked to go on a sailing-ability test sail around the new sim.

So i asked Geoff to help me out and warned him of my lack of marine legs & twice he lifted up the ‘Flying Taco’ to avoid being stranded.

The following pictures were taken last night 9 GMT time.


Yesterday the Lindens celebrated our 1.000.000 residents by adding the Second Life Logo and the number inside the sun and the moon which is visible on the Flying Taco close-up.

The side of Cosy shire which is near to the entrance to the harbout is not sail worthy; as for the other side Geoff put a red marker where we had to left the boat.

Thanks to Geoff for his help and to Melina to provide with such lovely Second Life landscapes to work and meet people.


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