6. A roof over ‘Cosy Mall’ & a new build done in a week!


This is the middle of October and ‘Cosy Mall’ has been finished for the last week. I started building the roof (the easy bits) and Geoff took over building the bits which went around a corner, he did it beautifully and thanks to SL gods ‘Cosy Mall’ is now one unit and not just a few walls and shopfronts.

In the mean time I received an order from a client who has been living on ‘Cosy Island’ in fact his house is on Syl Normandy’s land, who is my neighbour on 2 sides on’Cosy Cove’ part of our island. Alex Philo requested a house wit two distinct features.

The first one was the size and shape of the downstairs of his house must be replicated and the roof must be less high. the following picture from a previous blog show the size and roof of this house. cdd_new_bought.jpg

This roof has been stickin glike a sore thumb in our village landscape and we were all very aware of it; I instinctively knew that at some stage I would build a newer and more convenient version of that house; so I was not very worried about it.

Last week end, around friday or Saturday, alex approached me and asked would i build him a house with simliar features as my hacienda type pillar and fountain home on ‘Tir na Og’ on Cosy Cove;

I took up this challenge and build & textured this mediteranean home with roofgarden over the space of a week.