5. End Sept 06:Walls & outlining spaces inside ‘Cosy Mall’


This is the beginning of October and ‘Cosy Mall’ is nearly finished.

Before it was even totally build, it was already filling up with vendors from the following Second Life companies: ‘Noe Design’, a young frenchman, who builds beautiful spiral staircase and othe staircases; ‘Wolkam Winger Design’ or ‘WWD’, another frenchman who crafts modern furniture with such an ease, i watch him work many times. He is also the main reporter and editor of the French site on Second Life, ‘Slobserver.com’ to which team i belong too; (Shoes); ‘Rebbel Island Networked Vendors’ from Jack Hathor, who designs scripted vendors: flat ones, holo ones, networked ones etc, as well as anything that requires a script to run, he is ur man!; ‘Carpe Diem Design’ from myself, Mizou Vavoom, i build & texture houses, shops, niteclubs, anything that is a ‘space’ for living or working, as well as oriental carpets, light, rotating and sliding doors; ‘Felzgut Design’ from rudy2tuezday elliot with her lovely oillamps, bookcase and comfortable chair; ‘Simply Britnee’ a lovely & generous woman who designs hairpieces for men and women;

My main concern was to open ‘Cosy Mall’ for business in time for ‘Cosy Island’ birthday early October 2006. So i asked a few people to exhibit their creations in my shop and also gave 3 new creators to Second lIfe a chance to exhibit at very low price.

The roof remained unfinished long after the shop filled up but at least it had shape and even a few very old walls, from (supposedly) a previous build 🙂