3. Working out floorspace for the new shop on Cosy Island

cdd_floorplan_marble_001.jpgYesterdayI worked out the floor which i then textured with a white with grey fleck marble texture.

Cosy Founders Garden

I didn’t use all the available ground for the new shop and left a fairly big triangle for a garden; possibly a ‘Cosy Founders Garden’. Geoffrey Steinbeck and myself also discussed it with Tully Trescotrick participating in the background in rl as Geoffrey’s rl wife. So they both approvred of the ‘garden idea between the shops’.

Cosy Island community & continuity

I love the idea and practise of continuity of our sim as a community and the people who added their creativity to shape it from its initial stage when it was only a baby sim quite unformed.
The team effort then nearly a year ago shaped its hills, lakes, beaches and parcel limits but also its rules for building and behavavior.
All this directed and administered by our Cosy Chief, Melina Loonie, who makes sure that our sims fees are paid to the Linden Labs ® every months, ; so thanks to her for securing our avatars happy surroundings on Cosy Island.

Idea for the ‘Cosy Founders Garden’ layout

The idea is that we have a garden near the ‘Beachpavillion’ with 2 flower boxes with ‘Paradise bird’ plants, a bench with a couple sit pose and 2 single sit poses and a mural with tributes to all our Cosy Island Founders: Melina Loonie, Angel, Dianne Mechanique, Garnet Psaltery, Myrrh & Pacifien Massiel….did i forget someone???
I can just see my SL friend and collegue, Sudane Erato, lifting up her shoulders in disbelief…:). How could I forget her? …my sl building mentor and friend-in-spirit.

Setting the floor


The floor for the new shop now follows the property lines. I am busy counting the prims I use as I am working on this.
The rest of the work is on paper in my rl kitchen beside my bread cooking book.
I have a fairly good idea of what to make and my idea is to make the entrance impressive and practical and in line with the other buildings in our Cosy Island village.
This new building will connect the old and the new. The ‘old’ is the ‘Beachpavillion’ build by Myrrh & Pacifien Massiel and the new is our ‘new village centre’.