1. Buying new shopland on Cosy Island

Today I have asked our Chief, Melina Loonie, to set aside a piece of land in the village for the new ‘Carpe Diem Design’ shop.
If you look at the header of this blog you can see the all the village shops and of course our famous Irish pub the ‘Dancing Dolphin’.
This village was build as a team by Sudane Erato, Geoff Steinbeck and myself, Mizou Vavoom. The very first unit of the renewed ‘Cosy Island’ village was the blue and white shop (more about the textures of that shop at a later date!) which was remodelled by Sudane to make the other 3 bigger units.
Geoff then worked with myself & Sudane on the building of the pub, all the while our resident Angel and Melina supervised the proceedings and encouraged us.

Part of the village land had been set aside for months to be used as shop land and 2 of those parcels are left: #Possible shop 5 & 6. It is right beside the beach and already contains a blue/white shop which i had designed earlier this year.

The very first ‘Carpe Diem Design’ shop is at the other end of the village.

focus-v2_001.jpgCarpe Diem Design very first shop outside Carpe Diem Design very first shop intside

Now that the land for the new ‘Carpe Diem Design’ has been set out and reserved the planning for the actual shop building on that land will commence this week end with pencil and paper.new land set aside in village It is such an awkward shape that it will take a me awhile to find some inspiration. Melina mentioned ‘Cosy Mall’ …hmmm maybe i could call it that and house ‘Carpe Diem Design’ in part of it, depends how much goods i will sell.

Anway, Melina rest assured that this building will bear the quality hall mark of our previous builds on Cosy Island…..:)



  1. Lefebvre says:


    I was wandering if you were welling to help me to create a shop on Second Life. I work for a small agency and we don’t do such a thing. Can we be in touch by mail ? thx Dam

  2. mizou says:

    Thanks Mel,
    I have looked at the parcel lines and i will work with the existing shapes…a challenge!

  3. Mizou,

    I am absolutely sure that your new shop will look great! If you don’t like the shape of the parcel, let us try to work out a better one.


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